No job is too big or small and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to protect your confidentiality.

We provide a complete product design & prototype service to take your project from concept through to manufacture ready design.

Brainstorming & Research

Using this time we will be working with you to generate new ideas and suggestion around your invention idea, uncovering the true potential of your product. We will also discuss functionality and potential scope to innovate and create something even more unique to help you stand out in the current market whilst identifying options for manufacturing and launch in order for you to move forward and bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Concept Product Design

The initial piece of design work that allows new invention idea to take its form, concept product design explores a range of options in order to produce a design that will look, feel and function just as you intend. This important phase is where we will create several concept designs routes exploring the general features as well as the shape and construction of the product. We will recommend generating 2-3 different concepts providing your more idea to ensure the best solution are carried forward and developed.

Design Development

Product design development enables the initial prototype to be produced. During this stage the functionality, engineering of the moving or electronics part and selection of materials are defined, using this element of the process to define and refine everything that makes your invention useful, functional and unique. When this stage of the development process is complete we will have a design that is ready for prototyping and testing.

Prototype Testing

Prototypes allow for design testing, evaluation, identify and therefore eliminating potential problems before mass manufacture. Prototyping highlights any challenges with the initial design, associated mechanisms or electronics, functionality and manufacturing process. Prototyping therefore enables you to get your invention on the market as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible and avoid mistakes or bad reviews.

3D CAD (Modelling & Drawings)

Our Professional 3D CAD designers can take your drawing and sketches and turn them into manufacturing ready product designs. We produce 3D CAD models ready to be prototyped, 3D printed and mass manufactured. We use the latest 3D CAD product design software that allows you to be involved and see your 3D designs progress on your own computer or tablet. We offer production of manufacturing drawings as well as more simple tasks such as CAD model adjustments to existing designs. We work with a range of design formats and programs.

Electronics Circuits, PCB and System Design

Our experienced electronics design engineers will ensure that the electronics and mechanical design elements are perfectly integrated from the outset of the project. Idea Reality creates electronics prototypes such as simple gadgets and motorised products through to complex machines, mechanisms and systems with many components. This includes IoT, Bluetooth and wifi enabled devices. We also provide Firmware Programming and App Design for products.

OUR Other

  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Production Support
  • Packing Designs
  • User / Service Manuals