Bring your product ideas to reality

What can you do to turn your product idea into reality?

How many great ideas never get developed or noticed? MANY.  Don’t let your idea or invention go to waste.  Doodle Hum specialise in helping clients turn their ideas into money making opportunities. Many go on to start new businesses around the idea or licence the product to a bigger player.

 It is easy to feel daunted by the thought of taking your idea all the way to market. 

Most clients have never done anything like this before.  However, don’t be put off until you have sought advice.   Idea Reality is set up to assist first time inventors as well as companies with existing product lines.  As such, we utilise a guided and staged product development process to direct you along the path most suited to your project.  The costs are broken down into manageable chunks, you stay in control of the project pace and you always retain 100% ownership of your idea.

How can you protect your idea?  There are often concerns about patenting ideas, the associated costs and also worries that someone could steal your idea. The first thing to do is not tell anyone about your product idea without having first signed a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.  You may also want to ensure you can prove when you came up with the idea.  There are a number of ways to do this, however the simplest is to send yourself a security sealed and signed package with the postage date clearly visible containing copies of any drawings and confidential information.  This could be opened and examined in court to prove you were in possession of the idea at that date.

When it comes to the designing and engineering of the product, Doodle Hum carry out concept design studies to explore the full potential of the idea early on. We utilise 3D CAD and visualisation to develop designs into engineered and manufacture-ready products.  Prototyping, 3D printing and testing are all used to get ideas ready for the market.  We can also assist with protecting your idea through patents and design registrations where necessary.

The difference between realising your dream or letting someone else get in first is taking action.

If you need that expertise to develop your idea then take that next important step and visit our website or email us at  for more information.

Start your product journey today!

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